Lana Tollas (Oregon)

Lana Tollas is based at KTTD, Portland-Troutdale Airport, Portland, Oregon.


I’m the first in my family to fly airplanes. I started in high school and got very involved with a small flying club in North-Eastern Illinois. This was a very grassroots club, with a clubhouse, and a small fleet of 152s and 172s, a Sunday morning breakfast flight, and a “round table of knowledge.” It was at this table of knowledge that I developed an appreciation for real GA flying, not heavy iron.


Sometimes it takes work to feel happy but then sometimes things like this happen.

I knew all along that I wasn’t a Real Pilot until I could fly a taildragger, and as of this weekend, I have arrived!

Brian Lansburgh recommended me to this page. I’m excited to be part of a female oriented aviation space!

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