Lang Wu (California)

Lang Wu is based at KPAO, Palo Alto Airport, Palo Alto, California.

I’m a new tailwheel pilot. I moved the US from China then start my PPL training in 2015. In Last September, I started to think that it’s time to make my flying more precise instead of rely on AP. So I jumped to a Citabria. It was so frustrating in the beginning. But finally I got my endorsement. I’m so glad to be a tailwheel pilot which my instructor calls a “real pilot”. Can’t wait to join this amazing community.

Ratings: PPL with Instrument rating. HP, Complex, and Tailwheel Endorsement

Aircraft Flown:
Cessna 172, 182
Cirrus SR22
Diamond DA40
Citabria 7GCAA, 7ECA

Dream Taildragger: Super Decathlon, RV8, Extra

Thoughts on taildragging: More precise control, more fun, aerobatic flight! I wanna fly a heart in the sky someday!

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