Lara Kyle (Iowa)

Lara Kyle is based at KMCW, Mason City Municipal Airport, Mason City, Iowa.

Lara Kyle McMullen

I took up flying on a bet with my brother as to who could solo first… Haven’t looked back since that first flight almost 7 years ago. When I met my now husband, he encouraged me to start flying taildraggers. In fact, he pretty much put me in the seat of a taildragger.

Lara Kyle McMullen l-2 landing

It was such a wonderful experience. Since that time, I have built up time in a J3-Cub and an L-2 Taylorcraft. Just this summer, I was able to solo the L-2! Amazing!! Flying keeps me sane (my ‘real’ job is a special education teacher) 🙂 and connecting with other pilots makes all the time, sweat, and extra layers (in the winter) put into it – worth it!

Lara Kyl McMullen cub rainbow


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