Laura Stants flying the North American T-6 Texan

Laura Stants at KMQJ

I’m happy to say that two of the ladies who flew to our Poplar Grove C77 LLT fly-in were local to me in Indianapolis. Both these gals are constantly on the move but they’re still Hoosiers. Laura Stants flew one of the few non-taildraggers to the C77 LadiesLoveTaildraggers fly-in, an Aerostar twin, encouraged by Kayleigh Bordner to fly there any way they could get there!

I had to laugh when they taxied in because I knew their plan was to fly up Friday afternoon in a C85 Champ, have dinner with us then spend hours flying back home slowly in the dark. The Champ was equipped for night flight but still a slow moving object compared to what Laura flies in her day job. 🙂 So they pull up late afternoon in the Aerostar, a short hop compared to a 90 mph Champ, and apologized for arriving in a nose-dragger. Are you kidding me?! I was thrilled they arrived at all and they looked darned impressive pulling up on the grass at Poplar Grove in the Aerostar.  🙂

Kayleigh Bordner

Both these women are accomplishing great things in aviation.  I couldn’t be happier to show off this new video of Laura doing what she loves to do – FLY.

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