Laurie Probst (Wisconsin)

Laurie Probst flies out of both KMWC, Lawrence J Timmerman Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 57C East Troy Municipal Airport, East Troy, Wisconsin.


Laurie Probst

I have my tailwheel endorsement (Maule Scholarship recipient Ninety-Nine in 2006). Wished I owned one, but currently fly my boyfriend’s Taylorcraft from the right seat. Otherwise, I have my Commercial ASEL, AGI, IR, and have been flying since 2004. I don’t own, but rent/borrow when I can. I love flying kids and have flown over 125 through EAA’s Young Eagle Program. I have run aviation camps for girls in the past and speak to groups about aviation. I love bringing the passion for flight to children-I’m an elementary teacher and it’s always great to hear a student say, “My teacher took me flying!”


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