Lee Blankenship (Florida)

Lee Blankenship is based at 97FL, Love Field Airport, Weirsdale, Florida.

I learned to fly later in life (age 46) from my SWA Check-airman boyfriend who is now my husband of 10 years. I soloed our 1946 J-3 Cub in 2007, 3 days after we were married. It’s never too late in life to learn to do something Great and totally amazing!! I have a 2010 American Legend AL-11.

I also own my own aviation insurance Agency, Lima Bravo Aviation here at Love’s Landing, 97FL. I am licensed in over 20 states mostly in the N, NE, Central, and Southern states. Many of my customers are Lady Taildragger members, and that is how I learned about you Ladies Love Taildraggers.

Ratings: PPL, Tailwheel, High Performance

Aircraft Flown:
1946 J3 Cub
1974 Cessna 172
1980 V35 Beech Bonanza
1947 Piper Super Cub
2010 American Legend AL-11
1943 P51 Mustang Betty Jane
Boeing 737 Sims 12 hrs.
1947 PA12 on Amphib Floats

Dream Taildragger: P-51 Mustang

One of my husband’s co-workers at SWA asked me what I flew and I told him about my Legend Cub. He said with a positive voice, “So you are a real pilot.”  I didn’t know what that meant. He explained that I don’t push buttons, have an auto pilot or fly an aircraft that can practically land itself. You really have to fly your aircraft. From then on I was proud and excited to be a taildragger pilot.

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