Lee Bottom Flying Field Sinful Sunday!

I’m so sorry if you don’t live close enough to fly to Lee Bottom Airfield (I64) in the summertime. Its a frequent destination for vintage taildraggers and antique airplanes and a spot not to be missed by taildraggers traversing cross-country. The gate keepers to the airfield are Rich & Ginger Davidson who own and operate this 4000′ grass strip in the Indiana low lands along side the Ohio River. When you’re flying right downwind for 36 you might have one wing in Indiana and the other in Kentucky. It’s a beautiful, scenic spot that’s been known to make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time – a time when airplanes all had a tailwheel and you could sit under a tree and be happy doing just that.

Hanging out under the trees

In the summer months Rich & Ginger host a Sinful Sunday one Sunday a month  (i.e. sundae) and the sundaes are FABULOUS.  Last Sunday it was Strawberry Twinkie sundaes and all I can say is OMG!  Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream, twinkies and a cherry on top. Can it get any better?!

Hey, one may not be enough!

Hey, one may not be enough!

And I wasn’t the only one thinking that!

Oh, who would have guessed you could get chocolate too?!!

Did I mention that they work really hard pulling this off so we can all fly-in for a tasty &  fun afternoon?

That's Ginger trying to crank out the strawberry twinkie sundaes!

OK, ice cream aside, there’s more to see than just ice cream…..

It's not everywhere you get to see a Culver Cadet land and if you hang out long enough, take off again.

I always think the people I meet at fly-ins are the most interesting folks. I had to meet this next lovely lady – she was wearing an Aeronca Champ t-shirt and carrying a 99er’s bag – had to be one of us!

A 99er and a Champ pilot!

Let me introduce you to Kaye Combs Moore from Lexington, KY who learned to fly in a Champ at Bowman field in 1958. Not many women flying Champs back in ’58! Very cool, Kaye!

I took this great picture when  friends Phil & Tess Jones were departing in their RV7. He's probably got 100 hours on it now and is flying it every chance he gets.Â

I have to agree, if there's going to be another women, I choose her!

Or this one. He named his Cub after his wife.

These guys like their taildraggers - and women! It's a Champ!

But when it’s all said and done, this is what we all came to see….

Rows of airplanes, mostly with the wheels where they belong; Luscombe, etc.


Looks like a Cabin Waco to me

Experimental Murphy Rebel (I'd love to fly this one!)

Oh, heck yes, ya gotta see my S7 heading home….

Door's up - it's hot!

ooh baby, can we climb!

I love summer flying!

Hope you get a chance to visit Lee Bottom some day too. http://www.leebottom.com/


  • Sneha
    Posted at 09:38h, 26 June Reply

    SO lovely, Judy! Wish I could attend all these amazing fly-ins with you ladies! So jealous of all the airplanes and the sundaes! 😀 And your plane looks so pretty!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:37h, 22 June Reply

    Oh boy those ice cream sundaes look good! What a great idea. Nice collection of aircraft too.

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