Lenhardt: Our Gateway to northwest Oregon

It was music to my ears – lady voices on 122.9 announcing their positions around Lenhardt Airpark. As Boyd and I continue to navigate our way around the perimeter of the U.S., sadly, we’ve only heard a handful of women across the frequencies. As we approached this airpark on the south side of Portland, Oregon, I’m happy to report that quickly changed.

Wow, what an amazing reception awaited us at 7S9, Lenhardt Airpark south of Portland’s Class C airspace. We arrived Wednesday tickled to see a group of lady pilots ready to greet us.  I love this picture; there was no way we were missing the opportunity to have our picture taken with Debra Plymate’s iconic Funk.

Approaching S79, I was delighted to hear several women pilots calling their positions around the Lenhardt airpark. I quickly realized Lenhardt is a local hotbed for lady pilots and felt right-at-home. 🙂

Becky McLaughlin Breckenridge was our overnight host for a whirlwind visit to Lenhardt Airpark and TWO aviation museums. Becky completed her plans-built Christavia MK-1 in 2016 with award winning construction, fit and finish. 

Emily Stark and her adorable 2 yr old son

Debra Plymate flew over in her Funk

Arty Trost flew over in her Sportflight Talon

Mary Ann Lebold in her Cessna 170B taxied over to be part of our lady taildragger pilot lineup. Very Cool!

Two pretty birds tucked in tight for the night in Becky’s hangar. Snug — but with inches to spare, Becky’s Christavia MK-1 had it’s first overnight sleepover — with our RV-7!

Woohoo, it’s a party! Becky McLaughlin Breckenridge put on a fabulous “munchies” spread for all the ladies and gents that came out to welcome us to Oregon. It doesn’t get any better!

Vanessa Jump Nelson and our new friends

Unbelievably, in less than 24 hours we managed to visit 2 outstanding aviation museums. First was the WAAAM Museum at Hood River, 4S2, Ken Jernstedt Airfield. It holds one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and still-driving antique automobiles in the country.  Vanessa Jump Nelson pictured.

And if that’s not cool enough, we visited the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum at McMinnville, Oregon.

The Evergreen contains military and civilian aircraft and spacecraft too, but it’s famous for being home to one very famous seaplane – Howard Hughes’ Flying Boat, the Spruce Goose.

Many, many thanks to Becky Breckenridge (right) for making Boyd’s and my visit to Lenhardt Airpark crazy busy and very special. 😉

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