Let’s get this party started!!

Whoopee! We made it to North Carolina! It was a 6:45 a.m. departure from Indianapolis heading out southbound just shy of the thunderstorms to our north. But I have to say, the further Anne and I flew away from Indy the better we felt and the happier we got. We were in the “Let’s get this party started!” mode but not too sure if the weather would cooperate.

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Of course, nothing’s ever easy so we weren’t surprised to see thunderstorms popping up all over the place around Frankfort, KY. A few minutes later and we probably wouldn’t have made it through (without waiting it out) but we were lucky, held our breaths and skirted right by.

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It sure felt good to get by the Lexington area and land at LOZ for fuel and a quick donut. But with thunderstorms building all around us, we get the heck out of there and headed southeast over the big hills. 4.5 hours got us and our little Rans S7 from Indy to the Charlotte, NC area, with a lunch stop near NC26.

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Turns out NC26 Long Island Airport is a beautiful grass strip and Julie Jetzer’s house is a gorgeous get-a-way half way down the strip.

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So far we’ve had a golf cart tour of the residential community, swam in her pool and enjoyed happy hour pool-side. We’ll be heading out to dinner soon but not before tucking my S7 away in her hangar ’cause thunderstorms are lurking all around.

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Tomorrow is expected to be better weather wise so if you’re coming get going early. No reservation needed – just fly into NC26 and you will be warmly welcomed. Thanks Julie & Mike Jetzer for letting us arrive a day early. It all starts tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting all the ladies!!


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