Linda Buroker-Melhoff (Oregon)

Linda Buroker-Melhoff is based at 7S9, Lenhardt’s Air Haven, Hubbard, Oregon.

Linda Buroker-Melhoff

I was taught to fly in 1975 in a J-3 Cub with my mother as CFI. I was a young mother and there were many spaces between flights. I’m still a low-time pilot and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to fly again and re-bond with a Cub, thanks to the generosity of my husband’s employer and friend who has made his Cub available to us.

My first Cub takeoff in 23 years!  October 8, 2011  Lenhardt’s Air Haven, Hubbard, Oregon

My parents were both early day aviators and were involved with barnstorming in the 30’s and the CPT and War Training service for WWII.

My mother and CFI Gladys Dawson Buroker in 1932

I helped my husband restore a 1929 WACO Taperwing but it has been over 10 years since I’ve flown as PIC. It feels like a wonderful new chapter has begun in my life. Now its not all about family and material responsibilities but a time to do something I love.

Linda & Rich with their beautiful “Bella” 

Here are a few more pics from our 1929 WACO ATO Taperwing I helped restore with my husband, Rich.

I enjoyed the covering process.


Early in the project  2007


The interior work was mine.

There are about a dozen awesome women pilots nearby who are an inspiration and their friendship has made this all the more fun. I have been glued to this amazing website, love it so much and am honored to be a part of it.

Linda Buroker-Melhoff
  • Olson Fenwick
    Posted at 16:03h, 16 October Reply

    Hi Linda,

    My friend Alan gave me your Mom’s book recently and then added “Her daughter is on LLT and she is close by!” So, he encouraged me to join so that we could communicate. So, here I am! Like many that have commented, I too met your Mom at the Henley Airdrome in the early 80’s. Although I admired her from a far, she was an inspiration to me.

    You are a pilot in your own right now. Thanks for continuing to inspire others!

    I hope we meet soon,

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 18:18h, 16 October Reply

      Hello Olson,
      I was excited to see your post and your beautiful airplanes. I’m sorry I never had the pleasure of landing on the strip at Cavanaugh Bay but I heard about it from my mom and others.
      I sent a copy of your post to my sister knowing she has been there and would enjoy hearing about you. She lives in Hayden now.
      Next summer we hope to have our J-3 Cub restoration finished and plan to fly her over your way. I’d love to meet you.
      Linda Buroker-Melhoff

  • Stanley Jones
    Posted at 21:53h, 25 August Reply

    Hi Linda:

    I knew your mother when I was twelve years old. She Helped Lena Brooks in her store and gas station on old highway 99 just north of the Bellingham City limits. This was 1933. I used to go and buy 5 loaves of bread from her wrapped with butcher paper once a week. She was just starting her romance with Herb at that time and I can tell you I was jealous! Good Luck, Stan Jones

  • Summer martell
    Posted at 13:44h, 22 October Reply

    Also, beyond thrilled to hear you are making the sky your own again. If I can support you in any way, I would be honored. In the meantime, keep the ball in the middle! 😉

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 23:00h, 27 October Reply

      Hi Summer,
      It was great to reconnect with you and your comments are sincerely appreciated. Please give a shout out to the Pt Townsend gang and tell them they are missed too. Our good times with all of you are a highlight of our days in Forks.
      What an adventure it must have been to take the Prince all the way to Ohio. We would love to have you bring him to Lenhardt’s Air Haven. It’s a great airport with lots of activity, good people and a variety of cool airplanes. We have an extra bedroom too.

  • Summer martell
    Posted at 13:41h, 22 October Reply

    Linda! How wonderful to reconnect with you here. And how appropriate. I love how the Waco turned out, just gorgeous. I think of you and Rich, especially when I venture out to the West end. The old “gang” sends their regards. We sure enjoyed our times with you both. I thought about your adventurous mom a lot during my trip to Ohio in the Prince. Let’s get together!

    Hello to Rich! Blue skies.

  • Vanessa Nelson
    Posted at 03:04h, 20 October Reply

    Awesome to see you with your own page on LLT, Linda! See you “around the patch!”
    ~Vanessa & Tumbleweed

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 13:39h, 20 October Reply

      Thanks. Definitely hope it is soon.

  • Andy Heins
    Posted at 10:37h, 17 October Reply

    Linda….I see the Waco was just put up for sale yesterday. Hope it finds a good home.

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 13:33h, 20 October Reply

      Thanks, Andy. Thanks also for the historical photos and info on the Aviatrixes. I noticed how much WACOs were a part of their adventures.

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:41h, 17 October Reply

    Great stroy! I hope to meet you some day. I’m trying to venture away from home every now and then. Would love to land in Oregon someday.

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 18:15h, 19 October Reply

      Thanks, Lisa. I’d like to meet you and your beautiful Super Cub too. Our airport has a great grass strip next to the pavement and lots of activity with great people. Rich and I have a nice guest bedroom & bath anytime you want to experience Oregon.

      • Lisa Martin
        Posted at 08:24h, 20 October Reply

        Oh wow. Thank you! Please stop in and say hi if you are ever near Worland too.

  • Jerry Griggs
    Posted at 22:36h, 15 October Reply

    Linda, what shade of cream and red were used on the Waco? I want something similar for my Aeronca when I recover it; red fuselage with cream stripe and cream wings.

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 20:45h, 16 October Reply

      Hello Jerry,
      I just checked our paint cans to make sure I could give you the proper answer. It’s been a while. We used Ranthane Boston Maroon and Sun Valley Cream. We get lots of compliments on the color but the paint was tricky to apply.

      Good luck with your Aeronca project.

  • Neroli Henwood
    Posted at 15:30h, 15 October Reply

    Hi Linda

    Well done for getting back in the air. Fantastic!! Love your Waco, she looks really beautiful and you both must be so proud of what you have achieved. Enjoy 🙂

    Happy flying

    • Linda Melhoff
      Posted at 20:46h, 16 October Reply

      Thanks, Neroli.

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