Linda Lovley (Minnesota)

Linda Lovley is based at MN67, Sky Park Airport, Lydia, Minnesota.

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My husband Forrest’s love for flying, his expertise, and his passion for old airplanes brought me into the taildragger world. I learned to fly in our Piper Cub PA-11. Forrest and I have two sons, Vaughn and Matt who also learned to fly in the same PA-11. We are a family of taildragger pilots. Our sons’ first airplane rides were in the Model A Ford engine powered Pietenpol restored by Forrest. It was a thrill to be the pilot when our son Matt received his first ride.

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It has been my good fortune to be able to fly Hatz Bi-planes, Cubs, Pietenpols, and a Cessna 180. Additional wonderful entries in my Log Book include John Hatz allowing me to fly his OX5 Waco 10 from the back seat, plus he let me fly Sweetness (the original Hatz Bi-plane) solo. Another highlight was when the late Tom Ahlers had me take off, fly and land his cabin Waco QDC.

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My world is filled with wonderful aviation friends from all over the United States! We have fun being very involved with Marginal Aviation which is the MN Chapter of the Antique Airplane Association.

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Linda Lovley

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