Lindsay Kitson (Canada)

Lindsay Kitson is based at CYAV, St. Andrews Airport, St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada. Lindsay Kitson picture from that day they took the door off the Citabria My instructor’s favourite plane is the Citabria and that’s the plane they teach aerobatics in at my flight school, so it took no encouragement at all to make me want to learn it. I love the challenge, but I really couldn’t say what it is about the taildragger planes that I like about them. I asked my instructor why she liked this plane so much, and after she fumbled for the words to explain it, I told her never mind, I get what you mean.

Lindsay K  First-Solo-Winner-2013

Lindsay Kitson wins 2013 First-To-Solo Challenge-2013. Event organized by Women Of Aviation Worldwide (picture;

I don’t have my own plane, but I’m currently time-building for my commercial licence at Harv’s Air in St. Andrews, as well as being involved with C-FLUG at Lyncrest airport.

Lindsay Kitson I’m also an author of fantasy novels, hoping to be published one day, and keep a blog at where you can read about my flying and my writing. Lindsay Kitson 1An article about me on the Women In Aviation site:Women of Aviation Week, Lindsay Kitson

And an article I wrote for them:Women of Aviation Week, I have aspergers syndrome

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