Lisa Allen (Idaho)

Lisa Allen is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho.

I have been involved in aviation for about 17 years, through wildland firefighting and as a pilot. I love being in the air, whether it’s under a parachute or in an airplane or helicopter. I have been very fortunate to turn my passion for flying into a career.

Every time I have had the opportunity to fly a tailwheel, I have loved it! I am hooked on how the aircraft feels as the tail comes off the ground. I enjoy the attentiveness needed to keep the aircraft traveling straight down the taxiway and runway. I enjoy how a tailwheel opens up the bush and backcountry for exploration and adventure.

Single and Multi-engine commercial, instrument airplane
Commercial, Instrument Helicopter
CFI, CFII single engine airplane
Senior Parachute Rigger

Aircraft Flown:
Skyhawk CE172
Cessna Cutlass CE172RG
Cessna CE150
Cessna Citation II CE550
Piper Super Cub PA18
Piper Archer/Warrior PA28
Piper Tomahawk PA38
Beechcraft King Air 200 BE20
Beechcraft King Air E90 BE90
Beechcraft Dutchess BE76
Pilatus PC12
Quest Kodiak K100
Ryan Navion NAV04
Mooney Encore M20K
Avanti Piaggio P180
Robinson R22 Beta II

Dream Taildragger: Scout or Super Cub

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