Lisa Martin’s search for Musselshell River flooding, in a Super Cub!

We flew up into Montana Saturday morning, about 100 miles north of us here in Wyoming, to get a birds-eye look at some of the flooding on the Musselshell River. Yikes!

Burlington area

The news has been talking about high water, but I wasn’t sure because they also talk about flooding right around my home and there is none. I’m always a skeptic when it comes to the media…but oh boy they are telling the truth about Harlowtown and Roundup Montana.

Flooding on the Musselshell River

We landed at Bridger, MT for breakfast. No fuel there, but it’s a handy break because the ramp tiedown area is only a 3 block walk to Main Steet.

Bridger off the tail

It’s a nice little town and makes me miss living in Montana, kind of like “Cheers”, I don’t think anybody has ever met a stranger in a Montana cafe. We stopped at Cowley, WY for fuel. Cowley has a card pump and the best fuel prices we’ve found anywhere around here ($4.85 for 100LL). Worland’s fuel is $6 per gal (glad we have the STC to burn unleaded).

Bogies at 4 o clock

Shared the sky with a gaggle (?) of pelicans on the leg that ended at home.

The Crazies

Lisa Martin

Super Cub Pilot


  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:50h, 20 June Reply

    Thanks. Our little, slow taildraggers make nice “platforms” to take pictures from. Our weather was “the crazies” this past weekend, but we did get up to visit our ranch friend a couple times (whose Maule is gone being recovered) and went to a small fly-in BBQ at another ranch (where they raise buffalo…mmmmm, buffalo burgers) on Saturday near Wright, WY (east central). I’m thinking the wind blows like “crazy” there because that ranch had more runways than most of the airports we land at. Little Buffalo (the name of the ranch and the private landing spot) has 4 different grass runways! And yes…the wind was blowing straight down one of them 🙂

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 12:27h, 17 June Reply

    Lisa, Glad to see you fly often. We had flash flooding in McCall this spring as well. The Crazies that we have in the NW is the spring weather! Seems many are experiencing it out here and in the west in general. Come on summer!

  • Judy Birchler
    Judy Birchler
    Posted at 09:23h, 17 June Reply

    Lisa, you get the BEST pictures, always! A great “picture window” view of Montana for the rest of us. The only crazies we’ve got around here are human! Thanks again for sharing your great weekends with us.

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