Lisa’s new landing gear

Lisa Martin from Worland, Wyoming has been a busy gal lately. Check out the new gear she’s got on her Super Cub!

“This is what I’ve been working on the past couple days…brand new Cub Crafters 3″ extended landing gear w/safety cables.”

Super Cub's old gear

“The gear that came on the Cub were originals, but the hole drilled by the axle (used to be common practice when installing skis) is a no-no! The extended gear is awesome.”

New gear

“Higher angle of attack gets us off the ground a little shorter plus gives lots more prop clearance on off-airport landings and makes it awfully, awfully hard to get on the brakes hard enough to nose over. They were suppose to be white, but the black doesn’t bother me. It blends with the tires, prop, N-number and seats.”

Going flying!!

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