Living the Good Life at OSH!

A chance encounter with Jill Manka this afternoon. Of course Jill is here!

I’m at AirVenture 2017 and having way too much fun for my own good. Seriously, we’re talking early mornings and late nights because OSH is a full sensory overload, non-stop experience. If you have time to rest, you’re missing out! I’m 3 days into my 8 day adventure and am blown away by the extraordinary Homebuilt, Vintage and Antique aircraft I’ve seen. And then there are the women taildragger pilots. Lots of them! Where else on earth can you go and find this concentration of incredible women pilots – tailwheel or nosewheel? Nowhere!

Julia Kirchenbauer flew in from Colorado!

I even found my very first airplane, a taildragger of course, sitting all lonely in Vintage today. Sure cheered me up to see she’s so lovingly taken care of. (1940 Porterfield)

Personally, I HAVE THE BEST PARKING SPOT ON THE FIELD. Show center, right in front of the IAC building with DOC, the B29, visible in the background. I taxied in Saturday and nobody could have been more surprised they let me stay. I thought sure I’d end up in the back forty. Of course, there were 8 million people surrounding my Decathlon during the airshow today!   🙂

The best part of my day was spending time with Ann Pellegreno. On this 50th Anniversary of her world flight following the Earhardt trail, Ann posed with a Lockheed 12, similar to the Lockheed 10A she flow around the world in 1967.

Just a few of the fine taildraggers in Vintage today:



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