LLT Early Arrivals at the Lady Taildraggers & Friends Fly-in

Wow, what at day! Weather was a factor for many people trying to make it to Savannah, TN today for our “early arrival” day. I’ve heard from several who had high hopes of arriving on Thursday but pushed it back till Friday hoping for some good VFR. We still managed to get a total of nine airplanes on the ground today, not too shabby for the day before our Lady Taildragger & Friends Fly-in really starts. Here’s a little of what we got on film today!

Becky from Georgia in a FINE looking Supercub restored by her dad, Donald. 


Kelly Jeffries flew her RV8 all the way from NH today.Â


You gotta see the panel on this RV8!


Donald Jacks, Supercub pilot and "Becky's dad", flew in this morning.


Charles Aaron, his lovely wife and "Wilbur" flew in this morning


WOW, Wendy's all the way from Salt Lake City


Sandy flew in from Cleveland this afternoon

They all made it in by mid-afternoon and beat the dreaded thunderstorms that were lurking around.

We took an hour out at 5:00 pm to head over to Pickwick Landing State Park Lodge so non-campers could check in. Here's the view from my room the 30 minutes we allotted ourselves to "take a break"!

Holy Moly, get those airplanes in a hangar!! Actually, we got all the aircraft safely tucked away in 2 hangars before we headed to the the hotel.

Two hangars with plenty of room for more

Montille put on quite a spread at dinner for us tonight; “Italian” night with all the fixin and Montille’s homemade banana putting for dessert. You gotta love Tennessee!

Montille making a quick announcement at dinner

Tomorrow’s going to be a great day. Last I checked, the weather is going to be dramatically improved and we’re expecting the arrival of LOTS more aircraft. If you’re registered, we’re looking forward to seeing you Friday and Saturday. If not, come on down to Tennessee.  We’re all experiencing true “southern hospitality” and are tickled to be in Tennessee!!


  • Lynn Gardner
    Posted at 19:08h, 01 June Reply

    Wow am I green right now. Working this week but my heart is with you all be safe. Currently, sitting in a hotel in Pinedale, WY. Today was KMAF to KEGE to KMKC to KPNA. I wonder if NETJETS would notice if I made a detour hmmmm…..let’s see…KPNA-KSNH….1102 nm…..1.9 hours ete…..6000 lbs fuel…..= $5040 ….SH#*! Sorry gals, I just don’t have that kind of coin. It would be really cool thou.

  • Dorothy Klapp
    Posted at 12:20h, 01 June Reply

    Cloud cover’s risen enough for my personal minimums – off to roll the plane out of the hangar!

  • Judy Birchler
    Judy Birchler
    Posted at 06:13h, 01 June Reply

    You’re getting closer Cathy! Tstorms rolled through here and we were all glad to be sitting on the ground. Get going and we’ll see you at breakfast!

  • Posted at 23:53h, 31 May Reply

    Look at all the good food I missed. Dang T storms anyway. I got lucky dropping into KSUZ, found a gaggle of cool helo guys, the leader of these fella’s Ted loaned me his van so I could be spared a vending machine dinner. I also found a truck stop so got a much needed shower then came back to SUZ and pitched my tent next to my plane. I’ll grab some pix in the morning as this tent pitching was done in the dark.

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