LLT Fly-in testimonials from 2012

If you’re not absolutely convinced you NEED to be at the Lady Taildraggers Fly-in May 31 – June 2, check out some comments from last year’s attendees. That should do it!


Helen B, “Home at last, but I sure didn’t want to leave!  What a great time and what an awesome turn-out.  There’s not enough time/space to thank everybody (and the Super Cub rides from Bill and Wendy). This fly-in was one for the books!”

Dustin B, “My wife and I came in for the afternoon/evening on Saturday.  Great fun.  Great food.  Great people.  It’s the best fly-in I’ve been to aside from Oshkosh.  The herculean effort involved by the organizers and volunteers was readily apparent and I hold them in the highest regard.  I hope there’s a 2013 iteration.”


Donna G, “Wow, what a great time. The weather was perfect, the food was excellent, and the host was fantastic. Hope you have it at Savannah next year cause I don’t think anyone else could do a better job than Montille did.”

Bob Minter, AOPA Southern Region Manager, “What an incredible event. I was looking forward to being there representing AOPA and the entire event was extraordinary. Your LLTDers travel in some mighty beautiful airplanes too! Can’t say enough about the entire 4-days except… AOPA will be back! Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate.”


Anne-Marie LaPointe, “What a fantastic group of inspiring, interesting women I met this past weekend! I had an incredible time and felt like I met 30 or 40 long lost sisters! Thank you so much for the hospitality and the work that was put into organizing this flyin. Special thanks to Patti and Cathy for the rides in your beautiful planes. Any other fly-in will pale in comparison now….I’ve been completely spoiled! :-)”

Dana B, “This was my first fly-in. This was my first major cross country trip. This was my first time flying in “formation” with 6 other supercubs. I was flying with the Big Dawgs. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned from the experience and from all of the extraordinary people that I met. It was a privilege. Thank you!!!!! You guys ROCK.”


Bill T, “Wow what a great time. Anyone that didn’t make it this year really should start planning for next year. What a great flyin and some very beautiful scenery to fly over.”

Dee Ann E, “Had a Wonderful time at the fly-in. Wonderful food, excellent activities, beautiful weather, great people, couldn’t ask for a better airport and personnel!  Hope to be at future fly-ins.”

Aileen H, “The Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-In was a very memorable highlight of my aviation experience. I remember when Marti and I landed, we were so warmly greeted. It was so wonderful to meet all the ladies. We plan to attend more future fly-ins.”


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