The LLT ‘LOVE STORY’ Contest Winner is……….

February, the month of Love, is drawing to a close and so must our LOVE STORY Contest. The response was phenomenal, and all the entries have kept me entertained and smiling since early February. Facebook seemed to light up with each new love story added to our group, a sure sign they tugged on your hearts as much as they did mine.

Oh yes, love was in the air. You wrote about finding your soul-mates and the long, lovely lives you shared. You wrote about finding that one special love, and we felt your heartbreak when it ended too soon. You wrote about being young and in love and old and in love. You wrote funny stories with a quick witted pen, ironic stories and downright amazing stories. And somehow, someway, every single beautiful story wrapped its arms around the one thing we all love …. Taildraggers. It was the one common thread within all 24 stories received. I don’t know how you did it – but you did.

Both women and men sent me their love stories and I was privileged to be the first to read each one. Thank you for sharing your lives, your loves and your taildraggers with us all.

I’ve added a tab to the pull-down menu on where you’ll find all 24 Love Stories. Here are a few particularly ‘lovable’:

  • a member in love with a pilot colleague while flying for Doctors Without Borders in The Democratic Republic of Congo  Sneha Harish’s Love Story
  • a non-flyer who asked her friend if she had any single brother-in-laws, soon after to find herself the new daughter-in-law of Marion Cole Terri Cole’s Love Story
  • a lady taildragger pilot who shows up at a hangar party with her non-pilot hubby in hand. When the hangar door opens she discovers a beautiful Super Cub, a gift from that awesome hubband. Anne Wright’s Love Story
  • a high school senior determined to get her senior yearbook picture in the cockpit of an F-16 Missy Martin’s Love Story

And now, without further delay, the Winner of our 1st My LOVE STORY Contest is LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ member Missy Martin from Montana!!   Missy Martin’s Love Story

Wish I could do more for such a fabulous story but Missy, you’ll have to be happy with one of our newest LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tshirt!!

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