Looking for Ladies’ Classic Taildraggers at AirVenture 2014

Ladies, if you’re flying to AirVenture 2014, have I got a deal for you! LadiesLoveTaildraggers has once again been invited to participate in Ray Johnson’s “Vintage In Review” program on the Wednesday of OSH. I’ve been asked to find three ladies who will be flying a “classic taildragger” to OSH and invite them to do a little showing off. The plan is to focus on 1945 to 1949 aircraft but if your aircraft is close, we can make it work. Your plane doesn’t need to be an award winning “looker” or “show plane”, it just needs to be a classic aircraft flown in by a lady taildragger pilot.

Last year was "Round Engines" and  Amy Hoffpauir dressed in period when she presented her Stinson V77 Gullwing

Last year was “Round Engines” and Amy Hoffpauir dressed in period when she presented her Stinson V77

Last year we featured Stephanie Stephenson and her C195 and Amy Hoffpauir and her V77 for 24 hours on the ramp in Vintage. They dressed in period which was pretty cool but you certainly don’t have to. Ray will interview you at 11:00 a.m. during his Vintage in Review program and you’ll get to display your aircraft on the Vintage ramp for 24 hours. VERY cool! I would LOVE to park my Rans S7 on the Vintage ramp for 24 hours and show off but they won’t have anything to do with me!! 😉

Take a look at this FANTASTIC, fast-paced EAA AirVenture video and pause at 24 seconds. That’s Ray doing his daily “Vintage in Review” presentation and a glimpse of what you’ll be doing if you participate. Watch it in wide screen!

Leave a comment or send me a message to ladytaildraggers@gmail.com if you’re interested. We’ve participated the last several years and it’s a blast!!

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