Looking for someone to share a CFI in Grass Valley, California area

I know of a woman pilot who’s looking to “share” a CFI so she can get her tailwheel endorsement. She wanted a “great instructor in a Husky or taildragger near Grass Valley, CA” and has located a lady CFI who would come and spend a few days with her. Please see her email below and leave a comment if you’re interested. I’ll connect you both. Judy


“Can you advertise on your site that anyone around Auburn, Grass Valley, Truckee, Lincoln – that there’s a pilot who would come to Grass Valley, CA if I guaranteed 6 hours/day. No way I could do more than 2-3 myself including ground school.

We have a CFI who is coming to teach those with taildragger airplanes already. I will be using 2-3 hours of her time, just looking for someone else who might want some instruction because she has a 6 hours instruction minimum to travel somewhere to give lessons. (I can’t pay for 6 hours when I’m using 2-3.)”

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