Lorrie Penner’s winter update!

Lorrie Penner sent in this update on her winter flying fun! Lorrie flies out of Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, Ohio.

Lorrie flying “snow tows” in the Pawnee

“Well, its that time of year… snow…  But we’ve been fortunate enough that it doesn’t stop us from flying!  Had my first experience taking off and landing on a snowy grass field in the Pawnee.  What a great weekend! Perfect time to practice soft field landing technique.”

Tow time

“Snow was only 2-3inches deep and light & fluffy.  Our club at Caesar Creek got in 17 glider flights this day and I got to give 4 of them a tow!”

Champ flying with hubby, Gordon.

“A couple of days later, flew around in the Champ with my honey Gordon. He wanted to do some practice landings from the backseat in preparation for his new Pitts which he flew home the day after his birthday – happy birthday present to himself!” 🙂

This ground shot is from around Waynesville looking west toward Middletown, Ohio


The runway is Dayton Wright Brothers

Congratulations, Gordon! Hard to beat a birthday like this one!! (Judy)

Birthdays don’t get any better than this!!

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