Lura Corban (Mississippi)

Lura Corban is based at 5A6, Winona-Montgomery County Airport, Winona, Mississippi. Lura Corban close up I’m 21, in school at Mississippi State University for interior design. I’ve got about 400 hours. 200 in a BE-55. I soloed on my 16th birthday, now I have my private and my tailwheel endorsement and I’m working on my instrument and multi-engine rating. Lura Corban Off to OSH I’m flying a 1953 PA-20. My grandfather bought it 50 years ago and taught my dad to fly in it, and now I’m in it. It has stayed in the family for the entire 50 years. It was one of the last Pacers to come out of the factory with a tailwheel.

Lura & father Jim Corban

Lura & father Jim Corban

My dad has just rebuilt it (about an 8 year project). It’s now a beautiful red! We’re in the Vintage parking row 75 at Oshkosh!

Lura Corban

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