Lots of Ladies at the Luscombe Association Fly-in at Columbia Airport (022) California, 2012

I’m forever in awe of how many women taildragger pilots live in California. I know it’s a big state but the number of women doing my kind of flying are impressive! One of those ladies is Andrea Eldridge from Chino, California who flew her Luscombe to Columbia, CA last month for the annual Gathering Of The Luscombes Fly-in. Andrea’s a great advocate for LadiesLoveTaildraggers and snapped these pictures – 4 women by their “tails” at the fly-in. Thanks Andrea!

“Wanted to offer some portraits of lady taildragger pilots at the Continental Luscombe Association fly-in at Columbia Airport (022) CA!”

Andrea Eldridge and my Luscombe

camping off the grass strip under the wing.

Andrea Eldridge

Shari Heitkotter flew her own Luscombe up to the fly-in

and did her first landings on the grass strip!

Shari Heitkotter

Student pilot Barbara Kirmsse flew her Luscombe up to the fly-in.

Barbara Kirmsee

Student pilot Jessie Fisher got engaged at the Luscombe fly-in.

We liked her even though she arrived in her Cessna 140 J.

Jessie Fisher

It was encouraging to see both new and young taildragger pilots join our ranks. I am really enjoying your LLT facebook page. Thank you!

Andrea Eldridge

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Chino, California

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