Lynne Westnage (UK)

Lynne Westnage is based at EGTN, Enstone Aerofield, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

LynneWestnage in cockpit

I learnt to fly in 1997 & have flown Cessna C150/152, Piper PA28 then had a share in a Taylorcraft TC21. Currently I own a Pitts Special S1-C.


Fifinella came from the USA & used to display. She was built in 1978 by Gordan Goodrich and was registered N9GG.

LynneWestnage pulling out of hangarI currently have around 550 hours flying – mostly taildragger & would like to display Fifinella in the UK.

LynneWestnage putting on headset

Taildraggers are much more challenging to fly than nose wheel aircraft & I don’t think I’ll ever tire of my Pitts!

Lynne Westnage

Oxfordshire, England

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