Madeline Norcross (Missouri)

Madeline Norcross is based at KSTJ, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, St Joseph, Missouri and was introduced to me by her dad in the following email;

Dear LLT,

My 15 year old daughter is in the beginning stages of getting her license.  She is CRAZY about Wacos!  She has taken a few lessons in everything from a Piper Tomahawk to a Pitts.  I think she would like to get involved in an organization like yours.  I would like to surprise her with your lunch at Oshkosh on the 29th.  Would it be appropriate and acceptable by LLT to bring her by. Please let me know. Many Thanks !

Tracy Norcross
St. Joseph, MO


Turns out that Madeline is a pretty smart girl and found out her dad was setting her up for lunch with the lady taildraggers at Oshkosh. I hear she’s pretty excited and will be meeting us for lunch that Friday. I love your “goal”  Madeline and believe you can make it happen. Can’t wait to meet you at Oshkosh!

Here’s the info Madeline provided when she registered on LadiesLoveTaildraggers.

Madeline Norcross after her first Pitts aerobatic ride and lesson

Hello! My name is Madeline Norcross. I am 15 years old, and love everything about aviation! I have trained in a Pitts and a Decathlon, and have taken rides in an T-6, BT-13, PT-19, and a RV-8.  I have one love and that is bi-wing airplanes.  There is something about them that I LOVE! They’re old, graceful, and original.

Madeline Norcross taking a lesson in a Decathlon

My absolute favorite is a Waco. I prefer the old classic Wacos over the redone ones.  I saw my first one at my first airshow. There was a wing walking act that made me want to be just like them. Ever since, I have been an airshow junky and an airport bum.

Madeline Norcross taking a ride in a PT-19………C’mon….who doesn’t like an open cockpit ride in the summer?!

Over the summer I have been working at my local airport just to be around more airplanes. My goal is to solo by 16 and have my license by 17, and an FAA approved fly by at my senior year homecoming following the national anthem.

Madeline Norcross


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