Magee & Peeps Go Flying – the funnest way to meet a LLT Scholarship Winner!

Brittany Reinbolt from Searcy, Arkansas was our 2016 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner. Brittany is scheduled to spend a few days at Sister’s Airport, Bend, Oregon in early July with our bud, Brian Lansburgh, and earn her tailwheel endorsement. A HUGE thank you to Brian for donating his time and his C140 so Brittany can receive her endorsement. 
Brittany Reinbold 1

Before you check out Brittany’s awesome video, here are just a few tidbits from her winning Scholarship Application.

1) Financial need will be considered. Please comment on your personal financial need.

I am currently an athlete on the United States Bobsled Team and a 2018 Olympic hopeful. The United States Olympic Committee considers bobsled to be an amateur sport. Therefore I am required to self-fund the majority of my competition expenses. I currently flight instruct during the summer in order to fund bobsled during the winter. After financing my bobsled goals, there are simply not enough finances remaining to further my aviation training.”

Magee & Peeps Go Flying video! Megan Handy has her first flight in a small airplane and Brittany Reinbolt is the PIC. “She had only flown on the airlines prior to that. The video calls us “Magee & Peeps” because those were our camp counselor nick names several years ago”.

2) You are a pilot. What made you want to learn to fly?

“Ever since I was a young girl I have been looking up into the clouds dreaming of flying. I do not come from a pilot family, yet I seem to have always had a God-given passion for aviation. Something about the adventures of pioneering new frontiers (like Amelia Earhart) and living life on the edge (like a fighter pilot) really intrigued me. Therefore, when it came time to attend college I choose a school where I could full-fill my life long dream of becoming a pilot.”

Brittany Reinbold 2

4) How will flying a taildragger impact your future?

A tail wheel endorsement will impact my future in two main ways. First, it will allow me to instruct other tail wheel students. Secondly, I dream of someday owning a taildragger. My dream is to perform aerobatics at competitions and airshows (in my own tail wheel aircraft). I believe that if I am awarded this scholarship, it will be the first step in that direction.

Most importantly, both instructing and performing in a tailwheel aircraft will allow me to give back to the taildragger community and inspire the next generation of female taildragger pilots.”

Brittany Reinbold closeup

To date, I have flown: Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 172 RG, Diamond Katana (DA-20), Piper Warrior (PA-28), Piper Comanche (PA-24) & King Air (BE-20). 

Brittany Reinbold 3

“I am so excited to receive this gift from Ladies Love Taildraggers! I have never flown a tailwheel airplane and am very excited to learn the art!”

Brittany Reinbolt

Nosewheel pilot, soon to be a lady taildragger pilot!


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