Maggie Ulrich (Wisconsin)

Maggie Ulrich is based at KOEO, Simenstad Municipal Airport, Osceola, Wisconsin.

I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and decided I wanted to learn to fly after I graduated High School. I moved to Michigan and got my Airframe and Powerplant, then moved to Wisconsin to learn to fly. I got my Private Pilot License in a 7EC Champ which is by far my favorite airplane to fly. I then moved on to my Instrument Rating and am taking my Commercial checkride in a week and then hopefully on to my CFI soon after. I have found my life’s passion in flying and am beyond grateful to be pursuing an aviation career.

I love connecting with other female pilots. I think female friendships and support are so important in aviation and navigating the weirdness of life.

Ratings: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, A&P

Aircraft flown: 7EC American Champion, Cessna 172, Bellanca GCBC, Bellanca 8KCAB, PA-24 Commanche, BE-76 Duchess, Cessna 150, Cessna 182, Beechcraft A36

Dream taildragger: Champion 7EC and Fairchild 71

Thoughts on taildragging: I love the nostalgia of flying tailwheels, it’s a classic and timeless form of flying. I love when I fly my Champ that I can feel everything the airplane feels and I’m truly “flying by the seat of my pants” and the additional challenges that brings.

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