Margaret Rogers (Oklahoma)

Margaret Rogers is based at KRVS, Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Margaret Rogers 10-04-2012_007 Cub Flyin'

Last October I had the opportunity to go on a river run in a J3 Cub. When I got back home I told my husband how much fun the Cub had been to fly ~ he told me to go for my tailwheel endorsement so I could fly it myself. Wednesday, July 10th, I earned my TW endorsement.

Margaret Rogers 10-04-2012_001 Cub Flyin'_1

Now we are in the process of buying a share in a J3 Cub. Can’t wait to go fly in it! Woohoo!!

Margaret Rogers 10-04-2012_024 Cub Flyin'

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