Maria Perkins (Texas)

Maria Perkins is a student pilot based at 74TX, Fort Clark Springs Airport, Brackettville, Texas.

I have been flying with my husband since we got married in 2009. We bought our Cessna 170B while we lived in Alaska, and I have been working towards my PPL since that time too. Between military assignments, deployments and having 2 children I have become a life long student pilot…until this year! 🙂 The big 2017 goal is to finish this license! Our girls have been flying with us since they were 6 weeks old and just love it. We live on an airstrip and we couldn’t imagine life any other way.

I particularly love our taildragger because it is so versatile. We have landed in riverbeds, rugged terrain and with only 300 ft. Not many planes can do that and carry 2 toddlers and your gear. I’ve never flown any other aircraft other than ours, and people say taildraggers are tougher to fly. So if that’s true then I love the challenge.

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