Marie Zeffer (Michigan)

Marie Zeffer is based at KARB, Ann Arbor Municipal Airport, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


After my first small plane ride at age 7, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. However, wearing corrective lenses prevented that. My 50th birthday present to myself was getting my private pilot license. I figured it was either then or never! I LOVE to fly and do it every chance I get!


One of my favorite lessons during my private pilot training was practicing in the pattern on a grass strip. I love taildraggers because they make flying on grass so much easier and some places more accessible!


Rans Designs founder Randy Schlitter.& Marie Zeffer

I had the pleasure of meeting you (Judy) and some of your members at the 2016 Oshkosh Friday luncheon and would be honored to be part of your awesome group!

Aircraft flown: Rans S20, Rans S7, C152, C172, C182, Piper Warrior, Piper Cherokee & Mooney

Ratings: ASEL, Instrument, Remote pilot, working on Commercial

What’s your “dream” taildragger?  Rans S21 of course!



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