Marilyn Emery (Washington)

Marilyn Emery is based at WN55, Randle-Kiona Airpark, Randle, Washington.

I fly an RV-4. I am planning to do up-set and spin training this fall, in preparation for beginning aerobatics. I earned my taildragger endorsement about a year ago in a Thorp T-18.

Marilyn Emery & RV-4

Marilyn Emery & RV-4

Aerobatics training is for local fun. But what I really love the airplane for is to get from one place to another quickly. As a small girl, my family would drive from Seattle to Chewelah, to spend time at a cabin on Four Mile Lake. I hated the drive and wished we could fly. The six hour drive now takes me an hour and thirty minutes!

Thorp T18

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