Marilyn Pearson (Connecticut)

Marilyn Pearson is based at (KHFD) Hartford-Brainard Airport, Hartford, Connecticut.

I started flying taildraggers when I was a teen, in gliders.  My love of aviation had to wait till I finished college and saved for my power ratings.  I had the great fortune of getting to know several tailwheel pilots while I was still a student pilot.  They would take me flying in Luscombes and Cubs.  I was bitten.

My first airplane was a Skybolt.  I combined my love of aerobatics, biplanes and tailwheel all in one.  I was a competitive gymnast thru college and couldn’t wait to learn aerobatics!

My current career as a FAA Inspector allows me to fly in many tailwheel aircraft, as I am a national resource pilot and travel throughout the country doing checks for other pilots.  I rarely get to fly with other women, and got very excited to see this group.

I have a partnership in a Cub, on floats in the summer and wheels in the winter.  I’m fortunate to have 2 friends with Extra 300s and fly those till my eyes turn bloodshot!  I would love to have a share in a Stearman, any takers?

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