Marilynn Laird (Washington)

Marilynn Laird is based at W55, Kenmore Air Harbor, Seattle, Washington.

Taxing out to fly Model 75 Stearman restored to represent Park’s Air College, now Southern Illinois University. Photo was taken at the Stearman Fly In at Cottage Grove Oregon that I hosted for a number of years; the airplane was owned by John Pike at Oregon City Oregon.

Single, senior citizen; 50+ years in all aspects of the aviation industry, aviation historian, published. Most recent aircraft Quality Engineer, I do aviation related consulting; facilitating, research and location of aircraft, parts and services, training as a healthcare specialist.

Have walked away from one forced landing and 2 crashes and have been an air traffic controller. I am a phone call away for any sister aviator who needs help.

Ratings: SEL, ATC CT II,

Aircraft flown: C-150, C-185, C-182, J-3, PA-18, Cherokee 140, Cherokee 6-260, ( PT-13, PT-17, N2S-3, 220, 225, 300, 450) , Stearman 4EM Speed Mail, Stagger Wing Beech (2), Aeronca Chief; Aeronca 7AC, Fairchild 24, WACO CSO, Fairchild PT-19, T-28, Colonial Skimmer (Lake Amphibian), Citabria, Decathalon, Howard DGA-15, DHC-82C Tiger Moth, C-141 Simulator, Cessna UC-78, Flown in 100+ types, wrenched and serviced 350+ types.

Dream taildraggers: 1967 Citabria -150HP, Tiger Moth, Lockheed 12

Thoughts on taildragging: I love the old stuff, I have flown many and helped restore many for owners and museums. It’s the nostalgia and history. Grass fields rock!

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