Marlies Campi (Spain/France)

Marlies Campi is based at LFCB, Bagneres De Luchon Airport, France.

I had always loved flying but started to learn flying late at the age of 36. My first “plane” was a Quicksilver MXL-II. Later came the PPL, the microlight instructor rating, the mountain flight training courses in the Alps, a new home and the airfield in the heart of the Pyrenees and my Tétras 912 CS, a French taildragger.

Ratings: PPL, Microlight Instructor with French “Label Montagne” (mountain rating for microlight instructors specialized in mountain flying)

Aircraft Flown:
Piper J3, PA18, PA28
Cessna 152, 172, 182
Jodel Mousquetaire D140
Quicksilver MXL-II, GT500
Tecnam P92 Echo, Super, P96 Golf, P2000 Sierra

Dream taildragger: TÉTRAS 912 CS, Humbert Aviation, France

Thoughts on taildragging: With no doubt, taildraggers are far more aesthetical and elegant than tricycles. I remember the day I soloed on a PA18, having achieved the goal of flying a taildragger, I was more than happy and for some days felt like living on a cloud! After many years of flying tricycles, I’m back to taildraggers.

I am very pleased of being part of the group and would love to meet with all of you although it’s gonna be difficult since I live in Spain.
Kind regards,

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