Mary Ann Dach (Wyoming)

Mary Ann Dash is based at KWRL, Worland Municipal Airport, Worland, Wyoming.

Mary Ann Dach (right) with Lisa Martin

Our family just moved here to KWRL. I am not a taildragger pilot, in fact all of my time is in tricycle gear. However, when I found this website, and found out that almost everyone here in WY has a taildragger plane, I signed up to get the updates and just learn. In CA it is more of a boutique-y thing  to fly taildraggers. I am currently looking for work here and when I get something I want to get my tailwheel endorsement. Reading the website updates is a big encouragement to get it going. In the mean time it is fun to see what the other ladies are doing.

Aviation has been in my blood since 1983! I have enjoyed doing all sorts of aviation related jobs/experiences too many to name here but my flight instructor blog has it all

Finding this website seems to be the perfect place for me to learn and stay connected to this new community.

Mary Ann Dach

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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:19h, 01 February Reply

    Woohoo! And now there’s two!…and both in the same town 🙂

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