Mary Ellen Thomson (Pennsylvania)

Mary Ellen Thomson is based at 07N, Bermudian Valley Airport, Kralltown, PA.

Mary Ellen Thomson 2013

Hello Ladies!! 20 years ago when my husband was just finishing up his ticket, I asked him one day; what is ALL the fuss about flying?? He said “why don’t you take a lesson”? Well the rest is history – I have been hooked ever since and I’m very passionate about anything that has to do with flying. I learned in a Chief and ten years ago we sold that to buy a Citabria (Girly Plane) which I have a blast in…We are based at a grass strip called Bermudian Valley Airpark and our “barn” (named by our granddaughter) our hangar is the central hub for the airport.

"Girly Plane"!

“Girly Plane”!

Cold drinks, snacks and a healthy dose of airport etiquette (lol) are available. While I’m a die hard adventurous flyer – my hubby prefers to hang at the airport in his Stearman. We are truly blessed as we enjoy the same hobby, have a great group of friends and we spend all of our free time and then some at the ‘barn’….Please contact me and stop by or let’s set a date to fly somewhere….I would really enjoy meeting fellow aviatrix. Happy flying!!

Mary Ellen Thomson
Airport 07N – Bermudian Valley, PA

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