Mary Fairbanks (California)

Mary Fairbanks is based at KLHM, Lincoln Regional Airport/Karl Harder Field, Lincoln, California.

I fly King Airs for a charter company in Sacramento, and I have a tiny FBO in Mendocino, CA at KLLR. I love to teach and I do Ground instruction on a sliding scale so anyone who wants to learn, can, regardless of financial need. I also love and support GA by putting rental cars at remote airports so people can go somewhere when they fly in. Our latest venture is E45!

I LOVE inspiring people to fly! Creating pilots is a hobby of mine. Currently I’m studying for CFI so I can add that to my ground instruction. I want to keep tailwheel flying alive and well, and I think you ladies are Amazing! Thank you for doing what you do.


Aircraft Flown: Cessna 150, 172, 177, 182, 206, 414, Citation Mustang, Aeronca 7AC Champ, Piper Cherokee, Grumman Cougar, King Air C90, E90, B200.

Dream taildragger: Right now, an RV-6!

Thoughts on taildragging: They’re sexy, they’re old school, they’re challenging, and they are iconic! Beautiful aircraft.

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