Mary Porter (Oregon)

Mary Porter is based at KLGD, La Grande/Union County Airport, La Grande, Oregon.

Mary Porter

I am a veteran, served in the Army active duty with two tours to Iraq as a Brigade Surgeon. I still serve in the National Guard and am a family medicine physician. I just married a man who is sharing his love of flying with me. I am hooked! We are purchasing an experimental Super Cub 4 seat side by side.

Sitting in the tail of the Chinook

Sitting in the tail of the Chinook 2010

I had my first flight last weekend and fell in love! I cant wait to get a private license and start flying on my own. We also enjoy riding ATV’s, camping, fishing, shooting and pretty much anything we can do outdoors together. I look forward to one day being able to fly to remote areas to camp and fish.

Mary Porter flying

I would eventually like to be involved with volunteering as a medical evacuation or transport asset. Someone did this for me when I was evacuated from Iraq and I would like to “pay it forward”!

Mary Porter

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