Mary Rosenblum (Oregon)

Mary Rosenblum is based at OR40, Dietz Airpark, Canby, Oregon.

I started flying after my kids were out on their own — I was a single mom — and found I love flying into the back country most of all. I finally found a low time Supercub and love it.

Willamette sandbar

My well cared for RV 4 is looking for a new home and I’d love to find a girl pilot to fly it and love it!

Ratings: SEL private pilot, Instrument rating

Aircraft flown:
Cessna 152
J3 Cub
RV 4
PA 18

Dream Taildragger: The PA-18 Supercub — and I already own it!!

Thoughts on taildragging: They do the kind of flying I love to do — low and slow. You can go anywhere that looks interesting and bring your camping gear.

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