Marykate Bayer (Illinois)

Marykate Bayer is based at (LL10) Naper Aero Club Airport, Naperville, Illinois.

Marykate’s 1947 Cessna 140

My husband and I own 4 taildraggers between us. I married my husband for his 1955 Cessna 180, but pretended I didn’t as I negotiated the purchase of my 1947 Cessna 140 the evening before our wedding day. I intended to sell the C140 in a year or two – but 15 years later it is still in the “fleet”.

We bought our first plane together – the Fleet 10F – in order to enjoy the round engine experience (Warner 145). And we’ve also acquired a Smith Miniplane from a friend.
Someday we will sell the Fleet and C140, and I will find a Baby Ace or Rose Parakeet so that I have an open cockpit to putt around in while my husband is out in the Miniplane!!!

You can never have enough planes when there are two pilots in the family…like your cars:
The SUV (Cessna 180), the Volkswagon (Cessna 140) and the convertible MG (the Fleet biplane)…doesn’t everyone have their multi-use cars??!!


  • Kirsten Zilinsky
    Posted at 14:36h, 27 January Reply

    Mary-Kate, Your Airplane is beautiful!

    Kirsten Zilinsky

  • Kirsten Zilinsky
    Posted at 14:34h, 27 January Reply

    Mary-Kate, Your airplane is beautiful! Lets get together soon, ok?

    Kirsten Zilinsky

  • Dee Ann
    Posted at 00:09h, 02 March Reply

    Absolutely necessary to have multiple planes in a multi-pilot family. When people ask why we have 3 airplanes, my husband says “because we can’t afford 5!” We have the 182 for cross country trips ’cause it can hold everything, the 177 is mine for playing around when it’s windy or I want to take along company, and the Kitfox is the “fun” plane we take up for cheap entertainment whenever the urge hits us and the winds are below 20 kts.

  • Posted at 23:13h, 28 February Reply

    Marykate! Welcome to LLT! Love your analogy about the cars… we have the same “issue” here — my Waco RNF is the “sports car” and my husbands Waco Cabin is the “station Wagon”!


  • tina thomas
    Posted at 20:24h, 28 February Reply

    Hey MaryKate, glad you’re on the site!!

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