Meet Wally!!

What do you do when you’ve had an airplane for sale on Barnstormers for a long time and it doesn’t sell? You trade it! In Indiana, when you trade airplanes of equal value, there’s no sales tax. Find the right person, the right airplane, and it’s an easy swap; a little paperwork, a call to the insurance company and that’s it.

Trading is just what Boyd and I did with the Mooney 231 we’ve co-owned, he flew, for 14 yrs. Check out our pretty new bird I affectionately named ‘Wally’ after Wally Wogenstahl, my favorite Rans S7 passenger ever! It really didn’t take a lot of horse-trading to make this deal happen.

What a difference a day makes! This VERY tall airplane owner decided he had too many taildraggers; a Pawnee, a Supercub and a Decathlon.

He wouldn’t part with his Supercub.  I passed on the Pawnee. But hey, that left a beautiful 8KCAB Decathlon calling my name.  It was just that easy – done deal – we swapped!

Selling airplanes seems to get more difficult every year and if you still intend to fly, the best solution may be a trade. If you can’t get cash for your plane, replace it with another fun to fly bird – a taildragger of course!

A 1973 Decathlon wasn’t at the top of my list but it’s looking darn good now that it’s living in my hangar. It’s a beauty, extremely well maintained with only 290 hours on a major, late style, factory metal spar wings, upgraded new style cowl, “B” hub aerobatic Hartzell prop, and a Scott 3200 tailwheel. And it gets even better. The most recent owner had it for about 4 years but the previous, long-time owner was a lady taildragger pilot! And looking through the logs some of the maintenance was done by lady taildragger pilot and LLT member Bobbie Boucher.

It’s going to be a very fun-flying summer. 🙂   Airplane poor but happy as heck!

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