Men and taildraggers….?! ?!

I think this is a compliment …. right? Daryl Bortel is one determined aviator who seriously wants to be part of LadiesLoveTaildraggers and he does seem to have a sense of humor. Mind you, he’s a man. He sent in his on-line registration last year. He forwarded the required picture. He’s emailed several times. Here’s the first picture; two happy dudes and an awful nice looking J3 Cub.

Daryl Bortel on the left

Daryl wrote “I guess I should have said which one I am in the picture…I’m on the left, the tall good looking one…LOL   ps. That was quite a few years ago though… I’m still the taller one…Daryl”

“I’m retired and have a few hours in taildraggers. No endorsement, yet! Love open cockpits. I started building a Pietenpol Air Camper but it may never get completed, we’ll see… Loved the Christmas slideshow… Keep flying girls… Nothing better than pretty women and pretty airplanes, especially “taildraggers”…”

Then today I got another email from Daryl with this very nice picture.

“I just bought a Cessna 120 “Taildragger”…Can I join now?? Please, please, please??? I really love women and taildraggers…LOL  Daryl”

Daryl L. Bortel 2

What do you think ladies, can Daryl join? 🙂

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