Mia Langford (North Carolina)

Mia Langford is based at KPYG, Pageland Airport, Pageland, South Carolina and lives in Mint Hill, North Carolina.

I’m relatively new to aviation; I’ve been flying for about a year and a half now. I’m currently working on getting my IFR rating. My goal is to make a career in aviation, flying corporate or charter, although a taildragger job would be absolutely a dream come true!

Ratings: Private Pilot Certificate

Aircraft flown: Cessna 182, 172, 150
Champ 7AC
Super Cub
L-2 Grasshopper
L-19 Birddog

Dream taildragger: Waco YMF

Thoughts on taildragging: I fell in love with taildraggers from the get go. My first flight in one was in an L-2 grasshopper. I remember this overwhelming feeling that it is what flying is all about. It was so nimble and nifty, such a pleasure to fly! Since then, I’ve gotten my taildragger endorsement and fly as often as I can. I love to tail my tricycle gear friends up and let them feel how beautifully a taildragger flies. Those who brag there couldn’t be much difference have a very different story once they land.

My favorite taildragger I’ve flown so far is the L-19, with the Champ being a close second.

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    Are you flight instructor in Rock Hill

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