Michelle O’Hare (Australia)

Michelle is based at Bankstown Airport, YSBK, just west of Sydney, Australia.

I fly for fun. I did my pilot training in a C172. This year I did my RAAUS tailwheel endorsement in a Super Legend Cub. I did my ski training this year in Alaska in a Piper Pacer.

I’m coming to Oshkosh this year and after Oshkosh I’m going to Summit Aviation in Bentonville to train in the Husky.

Ratings: PPL, RAAUS Pilot Certificate, RAAUS Tailwheel Endorsement

Currently working on GA tailwheel endorsement and aerobatics endorsement

Aircraft Flown: Super Legend Cub, Piper Pacer, American Champion Scout, C172, Robin 2160, BRM Bristell

Dream Taildragger: Tiger Moth

Thoughts on tail dragging: I love the challenge of flying the taildragger.

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