Mile Hi in a Highlander

Here’s a video of a Just Aircraft, Highlander that I got a real kick out of!  I’ve been wanting to see one up close and personal so I checked and they’ll be at Oshkosh.  Not only that, but LLT, Lynn Gardner will be there too.  Lynn completed hers in 2007.  I don’t know much about them other than they look like amazing short field take off and landing airplanes.  I know Just Aircraft makes the Highlander and the Escapade with the Highlander being a little more rugged aircraft.  I’m a little concerned about the ‘folding wing’ thing though…..

Lynn, you’ll have to fill us in on some details at OSH!  Look forward to meeting you there!

Ladies, we’re meeting up for lunch on Tuesday & Thursday at OSH – see the details under the Oshkosh Entrance & banners on the right side.

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