Mississippi River 2014?!!?


My solo river flying trip officially ended this afternoon when I landed back at my home airport in Indianapolis. Husband, work, responsibilities all beckoned me home but my alter ego didn’t see any reason to end all the fun. Flying the Mississippi River (above) is a “must do” trip for anyone who enjoys not flying a straight line, relaxing, pulling the power back, watching the sights go by and meandering for hours.


I was lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of the the Ohio River too (above) but the true Mother of all Rivers in the U.S. is the Mighty Mississippi.


Believe it or not, the Ohio River and the lower Mississippi are the same river with the upper Mississippi being a tributary. The bottom line is, the Lower MS carries more water than any other river in North America.


It is mammoth, with HUGE, isolated sandbars up and down its banks. There is no better way to experience the vastness of America than following it, flying it, from Memphis to the the Gulf.


I will say, flying this trip solo without a SPOT personal tracker was a mistake. I had absolutely no problems but if I had been forced to land on one of the very remote sandbars along the river or farm fields along the river banks I may have not been found for a long time. Cell phone service is spotty and the ONLY traffic I saw on the river were barges.





Sign up now for the Mississippi River 2014 flyout! I say that jokingly but I could do it again in 2014 in a heartbeat. Ladies, gentlemen, mull it over. I’m ready when you are. I did it – I loved it – could do it again….only better!!!



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