MO9 Kingsley Airfield

I stopped at a little airfield yesterday I recommend every pilot add to their ‘Must Fly’ list, MO9, Kingsley Airfield. It was an awesome visit on every level; grass, restaurant, good food, great people and hangars stuffed with great airplanes. Thank you to Sarah Ellerman Dickerson for inviting me to join her there for lunch, a fun first visit to Kingsley for both of us.

Approaching this blob of black, I wasn't sure what I'd find on the ground ..... windmills!

Along my way, this blob of black popped up. I wasn’t sure what I’d find on the ground ….. windmills!

Wow, what a great stop! Sarah Dickerson and I decided to fly to lunch at Kingsley Airfield (MO9). Best decision ever.

Sarah Ellerman Dickerson came from Kansas City in her Cessna 120

Sarah came from Kansas City in her Cessna 120 & I flew from Wichita in my S7

This one's worth the stop people.

The interior of the restaurant is an eye popping feast for any pilot!


Owner Kiman Kingsley is the great guy who also operates a large cropdusting business out of MO9.

IMG_2435 IMG_2437








Another excellent day flying around the Midwest. My little bird got me all the way to Sparta, IL on Wednesday, my very comfy overnight stop.

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