Molly Hutcherson (Washington)

Molly Hutcherson is based at KHRI, Hermiston Municipal Airport, Hermiston, Oregon.

My name is Molly and I’m just learning to fly! I grew up in Texas but now live in southeast Washington. We’re planning to move to Michigan next year. I started ground school this Fall at one of the local schools and am loving being one of only 3 ladies in the class, and showing how successful we can be! My fiance bought a Maule M4 last April and he’s been busy teaching me to fly it ever since. We have really enjoyed getting out to see the places around us in the plane – such a different view!

My hubby-to-be has quite a few ratings (both fixed wing and rotorcraft, CFI in both along with commercial and ATP even!, as well as a private in gliders aka – instead of biennial reviews he adds a rating), and is an air traffic controller. He really drove my interest in aviation, and now it’s something we share and enjoy together! We plan to get married this coming April, and incorporate our love of flying as much as possible including portraits with our plane, and even having a little model of it on the grooms cake!

Ratings: None so far, but working on my private in a tailwheel a/c!

Aircraft flown: Just the Maule M4 so far!

Dream Taildragger: I’ve been admiring Stinsons lately…

Thoughts on taildragging: Currently, they’re all I know! My classmates in ground school have a pretty high respect for me since I’m just now learning to fly, and doing it in a taildragger. I think they’re just jealous 😉

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