More Wednesday Fun!

It may wear you down but you’ll never wear out walking up and down all the rows of aircraft at OSH. This polished aluminum Spartan Executive was drawing some well deserved attention.

Glad to hear!!
Amy presented in Vintage today. To truly appreciate Amy’s Gullwing Stinson you have to see the wings from this angle. No doubt why it’s dubbed a “Gullwing”.
4:45 pm. Airshow cancelled due to imminent thunderstorm. Very strong winds but just sprinkles so far.
There’s a fast moving, mass exodus of attendees happening right now. Darn. There’s supposed to be a night airshow tonight.

Hoping it passes without incident. I want to fly my airplane out of here in a few days and so does everybody else.
And wouldn’t you know it’s happening just as people are trying to gather for Lightspeeds big Party. OH NO for us!!

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